Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween!
This year was just as fun as all the rest. Family themed costumes. Class parties, parades, and all sorts of jazz. Trick or treating with new friends and running into old ones along the way. And oh, the candy! What's not to love about Halloween?!

A few questions answered {for the last time}:
1) Not Robin Hood
2) Yes, Peter Pan has a shadow…it's how he meets Wendy!
3) Tick Tock Croc
4) Smee…ya know, Captain Hook's sidekick?
5) I know, right? No one wanted to be Captain Hook! Crazy?!

Guess what movie we're watching tonight?

ps-i know, I don't blog anymore, ever! It's so sad. Hopefully that's all gonna change soon…hopefully.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

random rambling

Just a few things.
- Pray for us and our oldest. For his healing. For our healing. For peace. For endurance. For patience. For joy. For love to win. 
- What the heck, Halloween is almost here. How?
 - Um, I'm going to Cancun in less than two weeks! Girls weekend! {this makes my life seem far more glamorous then it really know just flying down to cancun for some girl}
 - Look up at that last pic and please note: I am wearing a romper. Still not sure how I feel about that. 
- My baby is a toddler. 
- What is Pokemon and why is it taking over my world?

Monday, October 6, 2014

early risers

 Take me back...
to when waking up early meant sneaking out for pancakes and hitting the waves before anyone else was even out of bed...
These two.
Still waking up super early.
If only there was beach near by so that they didn't tear my house to shreds before everyone else was out of bed. Good thing they're so stinking cute. 
I told ya'll it wasn't perfect around here.
I am not a morning person.
{Like for real...Worst. Morning. Person. EVER!}

Monday, September 29, 2014

crabbing kinda {#latergram}

We have been home from vaca for weeks now. 
But I've been slacking on the blogging and now I'm super,duper behind and I can't skip the vaca pics because I need them in my photo'll just suffer through or come back next week when I will finally have moved on from vacation... 

 Still here?
Woo hoo! Thanks for flipping through today's virtual "Willey Vaca 2014" slideshow!
More to come....
{insert diabolical laugh here}

Memories of a day on the high seas crabbing: we were not on the high seas // we only "caught" 3 crabs...none worth keeping // the weather was PERFECT // the scenery to die for // gigi & pop-pop made it extra special fun // Thing 4 was the only child with any lasting interest in actual crabbing // Thing the art of the //  we mastered the art of bribing with candy to stop a tantrum {not planning on using that "skill" ever again...but when you're out on a boat with no where to go, you do what ya gotta do.} // plenty of snacking // who wants to cut some bait? // windy // hitting up the local grocery for frozen crab legs that we pretended to have caught {wink, wink} // Thing 3 wants to be a chef these days...he made his first batch of crab cakes. And only one his brothers "chopped" him. // I heart crabbing...actually catching crabs not required.

Friday, September 5, 2014

vaca our way

 We're on vacation for another 8 days!!! 
Yes. School started yesterday.
{no worries we booked it back up for the first day...then hightailed it back to vaca right after the bell let them out.}

We had a rough past year/summer around here. 
And we needed some extra time to hunker down and just enjoy each other before heading back to school full time. 
So we voted, and it was unanimous, 2 full weeks of vaca this year!
Which ended up meaning that the boys would miss their first full week of school.
{It's the last year we will probably be able to get away with this...and we're loving every minute of it.}

Vaca memories {so far}: no mountain dew for j-rod, ever // funnel cakes for dinner // Thing 4 is so brave // Thing 2, boogey boarding all day long // sun, sun, sun // Baby boy is a walker!!! // catching hermit crabs in the bay // midnight ocean swims // New Girl marathons // midday naps for all // tan lines // dreams of surfing // arcade-ing it up // BROWNS DONUTS // I saw Caleigh first! I win! // Stuck on the Ferris Wheel // his first roller coaster // iced coffee every morning // Off the grid // ocean views from our house on the boards // favorite place on earth 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Here we come, Ready or Not...

3rd grade
1st grade


Happy back to school ya'll! 
I'm gonna go grab myself some kleenex and a donut and watch the clock.
Peace Out.