Thursday, April 3, 2014

In like a lion out like a lamb

March can be summed up like this...
 Can you believe these pics were all taken in the same month?! 
Jersey weather is WHACK!
{Seriously. If it snows again...}

Ironically, life here has been very similar to the local weather. ..
Lots of fun, lots of hard, lots of laughing, lots of crying, lots of donuts {you know it!}, lots of cuddling, lots of intentional, lots of lots of LIFE!

If you follow me on Instagram {hidden_cupcakes} then you saw that yesterday was NOT a good day around here. 
I hate being all cryptic, but at this point I'm not ready to share all the details.
Still...sometimes just knowing that you aren't alone on a bad day is helpful...and even more helpful is to remember that a bad day does not equal a bad life.
I hope to be able to encourage you toward that end...because being alone can be the WORST!

CHEERS to bad days...for reminding us how good, the good days are
CHEERS to bad days...not lasting forever the hope of tomorrow

And fret not if it's another month before I get to post on here...just living life...and getting caught up in it. It's all good!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

making friends and sharing spaghetti

Oh these boys. 

Thing 3 has been hard at work making friends this year.
{His first year of Elementary School}
 And we do our best to have playdates when we can. 
And then when we do, to make the most of them...because I am that mom who says "no" when I do say "yes" I like to go all in. 

{Confession: It's just as fun for me. One playdate they were spies and I was the "evil professor" and we had a mini marshmallow war that took over the entire house. It was awesome.}

So on these special days when I say "yes", nothing makes my heart happier than to see him climbing around with his friends acting like a total goofball, building ramps from scrap lumber, and eating spaghetti dinners outside with his buddies all by themselves....feeling so grown. 

Our default "1st born". With his big heart. His abundant confidence. And wild fun imagination. 
As far as his lot in our's not always easy. But he wears it so well...and I love seeing what a little man he is becoming. 
{And I love that other little boys his age are just as LOUD as he is. Phew!}

Cheers to new friends and spaghetti dinners! May we have many more nights that mirror this one!

Monday, March 17, 2014

No Irish but still celebrating

Don't get pinched.
Wear your Green.
As you know, we like to party around here. So any excuse will do. 
And I love a theme...

I told the boys if they didn't wear green people were allowed to pinch them all day long. 
They thought that was the funnest tradition E-VER. 
{yes I wore green...i bruise easily)

Aside from the greenery that we wore, I kept it kinda simple. 
A rainbow trail in the morn that led to a leprechaun-y surprise, and shamrock shakes in the eve. 

I used to think that as they got older they would outgrow all my parties. 
{next year I'm gonna have to go a little bigger because everyone noticed that there wasn't the usual silly note and mischievous leprechaun treasure hunt that we've always had in the past.}
I love it.

Friday, March 7, 2014

a party for the non-schoolers

 What do you mean V-day is over?
Way overdo or are being subjected to a Valentines post...because this blog is gonna be a photo book and these kiddos were just to cute to not remember this little party.
Coop loves V-day and has since been giving out hugs and kisses as rewards...but first he makes either an "x" or an "o" with his fingers to let us know which is coming our way. 

Kid v-day party memories: stickers everywhere // more sweets than any child needs // coffee and talking with friends // the PURE JOY of the kids when they handed out and received Valentines // one little dude who sat contentedly at the table for quite a while after everyone else had left...eating as much as he possibly could // Scotch Eggs // someone else took the pictures // Coop waiting by the window then hiding under the table // snow snow snow // hearts hearts hearts // xoxoxo

*Photo credit to Lorraine Hebler of Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthday overnight-ing with heels in the city

4 years ago myself and 3 other fabulous ladies made a vow:
Recognizing a shared love for all things fabulous we made a commitment to make time to enjoy some "fabulous" together, one night each month, heels required. 

This simple promise has grown to be much more than a "night to dress up and feel like a woman."
It is now also a night to catch up with dear friends, share our hearts, & hold each other accountable towards joy.
{Heels are still required, always.}

Life is so busy, with the raising of children and running of homes, that friendships these days take quite a bit of dedication. 
But dedicated we are...and I need never fear loosing these cherished relationships...because no matter what life is throwing our way...we always have heels night. 
One night a month...indefinitely.

Last month, the OLDEST of our group celebrated her birthday.
{Wink. Wink. Love me!}
And lucky us, we were able to celebrate her with a fabulous overnighter in the city!

As you will see, it was a weekend for the books and one we will NEVER forget. 

{Prepare yourselves for a ridiculous amount of pictures}
A weekend for the books. 

Happy Birthday to you Rachel. 
You are cherished. 

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