Thursday, February 26, 2015

dating {round 1}

For V-day this year I gave the three middle boys a "date". 
The date and venue were predetermined for each. 

This sweetie was up first.
His date: lunch out, on a school day, at his fave restaurant. 

He's starting to hit that age…that age where I "embarrass" him. 
At his school revue he told me to cheer but not to cheer his name, because that would be embarrassing. So I abliged, no name cheering, despite the fact that I was surrounded by moms who were cheering the names of their children! {no fair}
Oh, and…he doesn't want me dancing in Target!

But…I haven't lost him to the cool side completely. 
He still gives me extra hugs and kisses every time we say good bye (including in public), he still holds my hand whenever he can, he still draws me pictures of my favorite things, he still looks up to see if I saw his "best" cartwheel, he still insists on being tucked in every night with hugs & kisses & air kisses, and…He still asks me to sit on the same side of the booth as him so that we can cuddle.

Memories of dating Boo: booth cuddles // strawberry milk // SELFIE // ummm, out to lunch on a school day // booth cuddles // the whole restaurant all to ourselves // he orders for himself now // buttered noodles // being taught the art of pokemon // my sweet 7 year old boo…growing up way to fast

PS-after the Revue, he told me that next time I can cheer his name…guess it's worth the embarrassment. {can you feel my grin?!}

Saturday, February 21, 2015

S & E sneaky peaky {HC Photography}

I know it's been a while since I've shared any "sneaky peaky's", but...
I had to share these.
I mean come on! Look at the blues on these two!
{And could this little miss be any cuter? A. Show. Stopper.}

Bonus for me: this is my other bestie and her first "born". 
Long story short:
They live in Mississippi & happened to be in NJ for a few days and she asked ME to take their pics. Just like I'd had the privilege of doing with her & her oldest daughter. 

It's no fun not being able to be a part of your the lives of your friends children. 
You love them more than should be possible and they don't even know you. 
I'm grateful to have been able to do this shoot for them…I'll cherish this time we had together. 
And now I might have to start planning a road trip. 

HC Photography announcement: 

I've started booking Mothers Day sessions already! 
Mommy & Me, Maternity, sibling, surprise family sessions, etc.
{basically anything you can come up with to surprise the lovely mom in your life, because moms love pics of/with their kids}
To book your session visit HC Photography for pricing details, session options,  and contact info.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

hearts & hearts for days

Valentines Day AND a 4 day weekend?!?!
Woot! Woot!

The love was poured out over here in all our traditional ways and we're still drowning in the hearts from days worth of celebrating. 
{school v-day was a few days early this year…got us rocking our groove a little early…fully embraced this hallmark-y holiday of red & pink…because I'm corny and cliche's are my favorite.}

Hope you found some time for some cliche inspired lovin' this weekend.

Oh, how I love me some love!

Friday, January 30, 2015

mama's got the blues

These boys.
They are some of the bravest, kindest people I know. 
{they are also huge, but that's off topic…}
Sure, I'm biased…but that doesn't make it any less true.
They fill my days with lots of crazy, but even more love. I am beyond blessed to be their mother.
I wouldn't trade it for a thing. 

But these pictures break my heart a little, because I don't just see 4 beautiful boys. I also, see one boy is missing. And I don't know how to not see that. 
Every time we have a beautiful moment all together…it strikes me anew that one of us is not here. 
The sadness of that reality is always lingering. 
It's robbing me of joy. 

I've been diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder. 
Basically, I'm not adjusting to the new norm that is our life. 
The norm where one of our boys is living elsewhere. 
I feel guilt when I think about being ok with it all.
I feel guilt about many things in regards to the whole situation.
It's not healthy.
The time has come to move forward.

These boys…they are moving forward. 
Slowly, but surely. 
They miss and love their big brother but they have hope for him & there they find peace. 

I seem to have lost hope & gotten stuck in the sad. 
But it's time to change that.
It's time to move forward. 
I miss, me. . 

I am so grateful for the example of these courageous young men of mine. 
May I too find peace in hope.

Heb 6:19, "For we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm & secure…"