Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Someone has a birthday today!!!

I swiped these pics from Instagram, since life hasn't really allowed for much more than Insta pics with our oldest. 
{insert sad emoticon here}

But, enough sad. Today is for celebrating! 
Celebrating his precious life. Celebrating the blessing that he is to us. 
Celebrating that we get to celebrate all together!!!


Today is for joy. 
{tears are for tomorrow}
Today is for joy. 

I love you Shy Mark Willey. 
And I am honored to be your mom.
Forever & Ever, no matter what.

Happy Birthday my precious son. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heels in Cancun

I almost feel guilty sharing this post. 
Like I'm rubbing it in that I got to go away on an amazing trip with amazing friends. 
While the rest of ya'll had to trudge through the mundane of every day.

I'm a guilt struggler. 
I struggle with all kinds of feelings of guilty-ness. 
And a month after this trip, these pics could start stirring all that guilty-ness right up.
Guilty that somehow in the midst of all that is my life these days, I managed to take an amazing trip. 
Guilty, that I was basking in the sun while my hubby was biking in the cold, coaching soccer with a baby on his hip while two others played on the sidelines. 
Guilty, that I was sipping cocktails while my oldest is living in a world that is apart from ours.
Guilty, because I don't deserve such fabulous luxuries.

But then I remember…these lovely ladies that made this trip possible. 
These women whom I've grown to cherish and love through years of "heels nights" out together. We have seen the best and worst of each other. For no lives are free from pain. No lives are free from hard times. We all have days of "it's not fair!" 
But with the help of friends…women like these...I have not only been encouraged to "LIVE JOY"…I have witnessed them choose to live it as well. 

And that is what I love about these women. 
We are connected at the soul…in our quest to rise above and live joy despite what life may throw at us. 
{and man, I feel like life has been non-stop recently, geeze louise!}

So yeah.
I went to Cancun with the girls for a long weekend.
And it was awesome. 
Epic-ly awesome. 
We drank blended beverages on sunny beaches, we read till we feel asleep in the sun, we slept in, we ordered room service, we wore heels, we ate fresh chips and guac everyday, we went to the spa, we stayed up late chit chatting, we bought corny souvenirs, we took a zillion pictures, we laughed till our sides hurt, we tossed back tequila, we shared our hearts, we talked 1 out of a ridiculous tattoo, we planned our next "big" adventure, we made it back to the states with rosy cheeks in 1 piece, and we kissed our kiddos and our hubbies as soon as we walked our doors...
{living Joy is def easy on the sandy beaches of Cancun}

These Girls. 

We have had many adventures, and I trust we will have many more.
I look forward to celebrating our 80th birthday's with champagne in our hands and leopard print heels on our feet! 

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