Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Ohio State Fair

The end of Day 2...
When in Ohio in August.
You do the Ohio State Fair. 
And you love it. 
And if you're super lucky you ride on the skyline at the end of the evening and get a surprise fireworks show!
And then maybe you're 5 year old will say when you're walking to your car:
{like the youngest girl in Despicable Me when she gets her big fluffy unicorn}

Yeah. It was awesome. And we were pretty lucky. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Celebrating Mo {take 2}

The "after party"...
 Didn't I tell you it was gonna be awesome?!

So…while we were setting up MoMo's "surprise party", Daddy took Mo exploring to kill some time.
That's when they found a shallow river with a tiny damn. 
Perfect for wading and splashing and rolling around with your big brothers.
Perfect for celebrating that you are now 2.

And that's exactly what we did.
Best 2 year old after party, ever. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Celebrating MoMo {take 1}

Sometimes your plans need to be ruined to find out there was something better in store for you...

Here we were in the midst of a road trip {somewhere in Ohio}, on MoMo's birthday.
The big 2 years old.
And we were going to celebrate, our way.
Road trip or not. 

We had a simple, on the road, birthday celebration planned.
I had brought along a little "party in a bag" and the presents were all pre-wrapped.
So, all we needed was a table in a park under a tree.

A table under a tree.
A non awkward, not so public place to have a tiny celebration.

What we didn't know when we came up with this "carefully thought out, yet seemingly simple" plan was that the local parks were going to be closed for some kind of festival.

Ugh. All hope seemed lost.
But then...
But then...as we drove around aimlessly, looking for somewhere, anywhere we could throw our little guy a mini party…I spotted the most perfect spot through a gap in the trees, sitting up on a hill.
{I know this all sounds like hogwash but it's totally true, I'm not exaggerating at all. REALLY! I swear on all the donuts.}

And so we ended up with the perfect party location.
Far better then we ever hoped for.
For the bestest 2 yr old in all the world.
And. He. LOVED it! 
Daddy dropped some of us off to set up,  then he brought Mo back to his tiny little surprise party.
Turning 2 was never so much fun. 

{His favorite part was being sung to. He'd been waiting for that moment since he heard everyone singing to Coop the week before. Adorbs, right?!}
I would throw a million parties here if I could.
{again, not exaggerating}

ps-if you think this rocks…stay tuned. The after party was killer. For realz.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Celebrating Coop {grand finale}

 A happy ending to a happy week of celebrating this guy. 
After all the cake and presents and celebrating, we promised him a night out with just mommy & daddy.
Anywhere he wanted to go.
So he asked to go to an arcade with his brother.
{be still my heart}
And he won prizes for all the brothers.
{be still my heart}
And he told us it was the best birthday ever.

Cooper Benjamin Willey, you are loved my dear boy.
To the moon and back and back again.
Happy Birthday to you!
May year 5 be your best year yet.

Celebrating Coop {take 2}

When you're best bud can't make it to your party…you have a party just the two of you. 
Because not celebrating with him is just not an option. 
So an adventure was had with just the two of them.
They have known each other since forever.
And they love each other the way a BFF should. 
No matter the time nor distance between them, each reuniting takes them right back to where they left off as if there had been no space at all.
They are completely intwined.
May they forever insist on celebrating their birthdays together...