Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NooNoo Designs

Expecting? No someone who's expecting? Here are few Mother's Day ideas from NooNoo Designs on Baby Barefootin' for the "Soon to be Mom" in your life. (My boys just wouldn't appreciate these cute little gifts)

NooNoo Designs "Mini stroller Blanket". Amazingly soft, handmade, and the prefect size for on the go. The adorable artwork is inspired by children's drawings. Adorable!

NooNoo Designs "CottonBug Muslin Burpcloth".
Perfect in every way: cute, organic, supersoft, large, handmade, and again...child inspired art.
A Must Have.

NooNoo Designs "Lambstails".
The Name about says it all.
Soft adorable, tennis sized balls, perfect for baby.


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