Friday, May 29, 2009

5 yrs.

Josh gave me this on our 5th wedding anniversary.

Inner sanctum No3. sterling silver ring with freshwater pearls

Visit the store online, PMG ART on Etsy


  1. i really like this ring. pearls are my new thing as of late. last month i almost traded in my diamond for a gorgeous pearl ring and pocketed the extra cash for school. ben said that i could but the lady at the counter talked me out of it. anyways, enjoy your beautiful ring! (i'm very impressed if josh picked this out on his own!)

  2. I am very happy, that this ring found such a nice calling! Hope he is going the get something from me for your 35th ! ( I do not say 60th, only bc., I do not think I can be around for that)
    Best wishes for you!


Thank you for the note!