Friday, May 15, 2009

Anthropologie for your table

Who can resist falling in love with a "pretty" table. What may go unoticed by some, is loved by those who appreciate the details...

Another of my "indulgent" collections.
I have far more than I will ever need but enjoy them all. Adding a touch of pretty to an unoticed corner or setting the mood for a dinner party. The ones pictured above are from Anthropologie.
If you've never been to the store, find the one closet to you and visit ASAP.
And...prepare to be inspired.
This store is unlike any other. Each one unique from the rest, despite carrying the same retail. Your experience while there is sure to "make your day". Offering you a temporary retreat from the hum drum tasks of everyday life, while you indulge your senses in the art that is "Anthropologie". (To date my favorite store is the Philly store)

They also have an amazing collection of Dinner and Serve ware.
Pretty Dishes speak for themselves.
Thank you all artists and designers featured at Anthropologie!

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