Monday, May 25, 2009

City walks, with kids

Taking a road trip, with a visiting friend.
We're headed to NY City, with kids in tow.
Thanks to "City Walks with Kids" cards, by Chronicle Books....everything is taken care of.

A colorfully illustrated deck of 50 cards, with 50 "walkable" day trips entirely planned out. Including lunch stops and transportation.

The front of the cards are illustrated with kid-friendly and inviting maps.

The back of the cards include a description of the activities along with detailed directions.

We're going to pick out a handful of cards, that we, as adults, would enjoy. The kids will then pick the card we're going to follow.
I wonder if we're going to eat with martians, fly with fighter jets, or see some knights?!

Will update after our trip. Weather permitting, we'll be headed there tomorrow.

The cards aren't limited to NY City. They have a variety of decks, from famous cities all over the world! Check them out at Satin Box.


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