Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Espresso Makers

This Morning as I, once again, wrestled with the espresso maker, convinced that the universe had conspired against me...I came to the conclusion that it was time.
Time to move on from my beloved original Starbucks Barista espresso maker.
Time to welcome a younger, streamlined espresso maker to the Willey household.
When looking for anything new for our home, there are always 3 things that make the list of priorities:
  1. Design - I want it to "fit" with our house. Nothing too modern, nothing too average... Remembering that every detail matters when it come to setting the "mood" for our home.
  2. Practicality - Cute, sturdy, and easy to use. (I have 3 boys.)
  3. $$$ - nothing crazy, but not bottom of the line either. Want to be getting the best for my $. A 20$ espresso maker is not a great deal if I have to replace every couple of months. An 800$ espresso maker is not that fabulous if I can't figure out how to use it or I'm afraid to break it. There is always a middle ground.
(Before a "big" purchase, that you hope to last for a while...figure out the uncompromisables ahead of time)
Kaboodle to the rescue! I've narrowed it down to the following options. (My biggest dilemma, stove top or counter top)

Bialetti Venus 4 Cup Espresso Maker (Stove top)

Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine (Counter top)

Bialetti Capuccino Maker (Stove top)

DREAM Versatile Espresso & Cappuccino Machine (Counter top)

Which one should I choose?


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