Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Girly, Girly...SarahSeven

SarahSeven, my latest "drool find" on Etsy. From Portland, OR comes simply elegant-wear for the girly girl in us all. The colors, the fabrics, the ruffles, the amazing details. My oh My.

Wishing I had a reason, ANY reason to wear one of these...

*Sidenote - Sarah donates 5% of her procedes from each purchase to charities.

3% to Compassion to feed unsponsored children.

2% to International Justice
Mission. IJM fights to free slaves and to hold the slave keepers accountable for
their actions. For more information go to


  1. The first girly girl dress is luscious!
    Welcome to etsy bloggers!

  2. i'm so sure you can figure out how to make these~ jamie


Thank you for the note!