Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hooks, Hooks, Hooks

Hooks, practical works of art...

My fave spot in the house is the entryway. It is here that I proudly display a selection of my "hook collection" and my favorite area rug. Lighted by the mini-chandelier above. The hooks double as decor and a bountiful coat wall in case a party "strikes". (Funny, no one ever hangs their coats on the hooks. They look THAT good!)

Today we focus on the hooks. Hooks can be used ANYWHERE! By the doors, in the bath, in the bed room, to hang/accent photos, to cluster as decor, to lay on the bookshelf...hooks are in and of themselves...Hidden Cupcakes.

A great place for hooks Anthropologie. The above pictured are a few of my faves. Be sure to check it out...and ALWAYS check out the sale section...they have the best sales. Let me know where you use your hooks. Comment on the end of this post.


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