Friday, May 29, 2009

Longwood Gradens

With dark clouds on the horizon, we decided to postpone our trip to NY. (Saving our "City Walks with Kids" for another day.)

Choosing instead, to take a trip to Long Wood Gardens.

Not sure what to expect...we loaded up the car with kids and Dunkin Donuts "supplies". (a.k.a munchkins and coffee)
We were pleasantly suprised with what we found when we arrived.
It was a great trip.
Relaxing for the adults and a blast for the kids.
The boys ran through the gardens dreaming of hidden dragons and queen bees. While I spent the day "visiting" with my long last gal pal, Shannon.
The indoor Children's Garden was fabulous. Filled with fountains, musical intruments, edible plants, paths, and winding staircases. Hidden cupcakes/details were everywhere. My fave was the elevator...have you ever seen an elevator covered in bumble bees?

Relaxing...but certainly not lacking in the "WOW" category. Take a trip and find yourself pleasantly lost, for hours.


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