Sunday, May 3, 2009

Save a "Seat" for yourself

One of my newest crazes is fabric.

I recently re-discovered the art of sewing and along with it the utter JOY that "just the right" fabric can bring.

At the top of my list: the new original line by Laurie Wisbrun's. You can find the fabrics along with some pre-sewn creations at the Scarlet Fig.

I will most certainly be ordering some quarters for my pending fabric project.

Dilemma: How will I ever choose?

Mother's Day Idea:
Check out these adorable Couch Potato Eye Pillows
Filled with dried lavender and rice, can be ordered pre-made or as a DIY kit.
(check out the little bird sitting on the arm...LOVE IT!)

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  1. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for posting about my fabrics. I'm so glad you like them. What a fun blog you started. And thanks for sharing your finds with everyone.


Thank you for the note!