Monday, June 1, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes

From the trunk of his "...'89 beat up Toyota Camry..." to store like Urban Outfitters. It has been quite a ride for Mr. Johnny Cupcake, but I am sure glad he decided to make the trip. (I am laughing at my own pun). Check the website for the entire story.

Each article of clothing and accessory has a cupcake somewhere.

These earrings are sold by the 1/2 dozen, in a chocolate like box, complete with "Nutrition facts".

As displayed in the above packaging, the attention to detail is great. (Example: new items are "freshly baked". When something goes on sale you will find it in the "bakesale". )
If I had an i-phone. I WOULD have to have this cover.
Be sure to visit the online store. To jump from section to section, you turn to oven knobs!


  1. I love this company! So unique!! If only he had a store right near me :).

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