Friday, June 26, 2009

Noodle Noggin 123

Don't you just love surprises?
I sure do, especially ones involving ADORABLE little cupcakes.
Lucky me!
I was the recipient of such a surprise yesterday when I was handed a cute little gift bag.
For no apparent reason!!!

...handmade by Lorraine Hebler, founder and artist of Noddle Noggin 123. (She also happens to be mother to a dear childhood friend of mine.) I am touched to have been thought of. ~Thank you Mrs. Hebler! I love it!

If you shop etsy it is quite possible you have already discovered her wonderful creations. These adorable handmade children's accessories are must. My favorite detail is the handmade buttons. (She is amazing) Check it out...

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  1. Tracey, you are way too nice! I really loved spending time with you and your little ones today. Still the same sweet, creative little girl I remember but now a lovely all-grown-up woman!


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