Monday, June 8, 2009

Swatch Portraits (DIY)...

Another project to "check" off the portraits. As seen on Purl.

Step 1: collect all the fabric prints you love but have no real "use" for.
Step 2: Purchase embroidery hoops of all shapes and sizes (I got mine at Michael's)
Step 3: (optional) paint or stain embroidery hoops
Step 4: Secure fabric in Embroidery Hoops.
Step 5: Leaving a 1/2 inch edge trim excess fabric.
Step 6: Fold exces fabric under hoop and secure with hot glue
Step 7: Find a wall and DISPLAY
Step 8: sit back and admire (may fave step)
I originally saw the idea on Design Mom when "guest mom" Amy Smart wrote a post on avoiding fabric overload. This is also where I was first introduce to Purl. Thank you Amy Smart!
What I like most about this never has to end. As I find more fabrics that I love I can add to the collection! Woo Hoo!


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