Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome Summer...

We hit up the Jersey Shore today...welcoming the summer with OPEN ARMS!
Here are a few highlights...

Gettin' right in there. (This is about as far as Mani went in. He was concerned that the sharks were going to "get his toes".)
Everyone gets a "side" on the blanket. A must in "food swipe prevention".

Shy, the oldest, found some clams and decided to help them find their way back home. (I didn't have the heart to tell him it was to late.) It wasn't long before the little ones had joined in the effort.

Boardwalk Fries.
The Perfect finale to a prefect day! (Side note - I am totally and unashamedly addicted to boardwalk fries. They are a "must have" every trip. Just ask the boys)
To Sum it up: It was a great day. So great, that we're heading back tomorrow!


  1. Hey Tracy, it's so fun for me to read your blog. I love this post because I miss the Jersey shore. :( Have some extra fries for me tomorrow.

  2. Glad you finally had some sun to enjoy. Enough of this rainy spring!! Go summer time!!!


Thank you for the note!