Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cupcake Pops (DIY)...

If you follow me on Twitter you recently learned that I was making "Cupcake Pops".

What are these, you ask? Basically, they are teeny, chocolate dipped, cupcakes on lollipop sticks. Delicious and to-die-for adorable!
I found the how-to instructions at Bakerella. An adorable baking blog, who's founder is the creator of these fantastic treats. Recently featured on Martha Stewart! (Love the Martha)

Here are a few highlight pics:

Step1: Bake and Destroy 13x9" chocolate cake...

Take a minute and admire this Enormous container of rainbow jimmies! I could eat them by the spoonful!

Finished product! Now sealed in an air tight container, waiting for the adoption party to begin!

Thank you Bakerella!


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