Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I heart BIGGBY coffee...

While on vaca. in Michigan I discovered...BIGGBY coffee.
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!
I had a quad, venti, "caramel marvel"... OOH LA LA!
Loved the drink (best tasting coffee specialty drink I have EVER had), loved the presentation (gobs and gobs of whipped creme with decorative swirls of caramel), love the cups (just look at that friendly flower), loved the drink names...I LOVED IT ALL!
We only went twice during the week, but had told the kids we would stop again on our way back to NJ.
Quick story:
The morning we were headed back home, I awoke our eldest son, Shy, and proceeded to give him his "to do list" in preparation of our departure. "Potty, brush your teeth, get dressed, fold clothes, kiss Aunt Shannon...blah blah blah". Barely awake he responds "mom...are we getting BIGGBY coffee today?" That's my boy! I love it!

ps-feel the need to give a "plug" to a local venue that I recently visited and found comparable to the beloved BIGGBY. If you live in the area and enjoy coffee specialities, be sure to check out the "Treehouse" in audubon, NJ.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you liked it!! Next time you HAVE to try the caramel mellow... Mmmm!! Which Biggby did you visit while you were here?

  2. Visited one in Gaylord, and 2 in Grand Rapids. Was fabulous! Bring it to NJ!


Thank you for the note!