Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New carpet UPDATE!

Well...I HATE IT!!!!!
Fortunately, Home Depot has a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Through which, you are assured that if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason they will replace the carpet. Charging you only for the new installation and any carpet price differences. (they will not refund should you choose a less expensive carpet)
Seeing as how, the carpet was installed the day before we left for vacation, we had to handle this primarily via cell phone + long distance home depot ordering. (Thank you JOSH!) I did go to the store the morning we left for vacation, to give them a face and get the ball rolling.
Originally we went with a "shag" , color name: "Cola". Ended up with a big hairy purple muppet on my floor! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Yes, there were tears...real tears)
This time around I've decided to go with a cut Berber and a bit lighter in color. Leaning more towards "warm" vs. "cool".
Here are the samples I narrowed it down to. (I wish we could go white, but that would be ridiculous, given the life we lead)


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