Monday, May 17, 2010

My "Must Have" splurge for delivery day...

Who doesn't hate the open back, bare all, frumpy, used, hospital gowns?! Well ladies, there is a fashionable practical solution:
Pretty Pushers Organic Delivery Gown. (Just ordered mine today!)

•Multiple tie front openings for monitors etc.
•A low cut back for epidorals (or cooling off)
•Frills in all the right places to keep you feeling girly!

Almost to pretty to ruin in childbirth!

Go ahead, splurge a little! It's a big're bringing life into the world.

What are you're delivery room "Must Haves? Share!!!!

Do you have any "must haves" for your delivery day? Share!!!


  1. that is so adorable!!!!

    brooke :)

  2. they'll let you wear it?
    if that's the case i'm havin another one;)

  3. oh, and my must haves starting with silas' delivery was lip gloss. i would slather it after every set of contractions

  4. How can they say no to such a cute gown?! Besides it won't make their job any more difficult... (I tried to wear a regular nightie last time but they talked me out if unaccessible...I got the impression though that they would have allowed it had I insisted. )

    Lip gloss-check! (I'll throw some in the bag)


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