Friday, May 28, 2010

A Simple "Sprinkle" (tips)...

Last week (I think...loosing track of my days) I hosted a small "baby sprinkle" for a fellow "preggo". A "baby sprinkle" is basically a small "baby shower" for the 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th... born child. A fun way to celebrate the coming of a new baby by spoiling mom with unnecessary luxuries!


For this party, I decided to keep the decor extra simple.

Simple is beautiful...I love how everything turned out.

Food table:
1-a home made table cloth I already owned.
2-food prepared by other attendees of the party (don't hesitate to ask you guests to bring a dish, most love to help out)
3-food set-up, always use a variety of dishware and if possible create various heights. can never go wrong

1-locally grown flowers (in a nasty plastic container) wrapped in white tissue paper. These served a double purpose as they are now on or front steps.
2-flower pots lined with paper filled with pretzels (displaying food in creative ways is a great inexpensive way to add a unique touch)
3-little bowls filled with various mustard rippings and folded paper signs to label them each. (the shades of yellow tied in perfectly with the rest of the decor)

Drinking flutes:
1-these particular flutes were purchased at the dollar store ions ago, for another baby "sprinkle" (Fact: drinking any beverage out of a flute/wine glass makes you feel fancy!)
2-"flute tags"- I tied simple ribbons of various colors and textures around the stem of each glass so that guests would be able to keep track of their beverage. (use old ribbons/string you may have lying around.)

Paper Blooms (my fave!)
1-I found directions by Martha Stewart online (I tweaked them a bit...the "how to" post will be coming next week). Purchased 3 shades of tissues paper and...presto!

*These also served a double purpose as I have been planning on creating some for our "baby/toddler room"...where they look even more fabulous! I will post pics of all the "new baby nesting" soon!*

So there are few "simple" decorating tips for throwing together a "simple" party. Whadda ya think? Have any tips you can share with us?


  1. tracey willey. you are amazing.

  2. Beautiful! I love the hanging flowers. Definitely a "reuse" item. I have a baby shower to host at the end of the summer, so I need some fresh ideas...choco-covered anything is always a hit, solid color M&Ms (pricey but worth it in small doses), flowers galore, need to think of some ideas for the mom (third child, so pampering a must). Thanks for sharing, Tracey!

  3. You should get her a "feeder frock"!

  4. I was wondering how everything turned out and it looks simply lovely as usual!


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