Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blue Skies 'n Sunshine...

While receiving my "bed rest instructions" I was surprised to find out that there were strict limitations on the amount of time I can spend in the sun!
Only 20 minutes in the sun if it is above 80 the summer months of NJ...seriously?!
(I also have to limit my time outside in general, if it is too hot...something about dehydration...ughh)
OK, Do you know me?
This was very very sad news.

Blessed-ly, my first week of bed rest it has stayed within the 70's...but it's all about to end.

To help me get through, I've found some fabulous'ish ways to bring the "blue skies and sunshine" indoors.

There is just something extra "cheery" about yellow's and blue's!

Here is where you can find each of the pictured above:

As always feel free to share with us any similar finds you may have...I have 6 weeks of indoor sunshine to look forward to!


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