Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paper Poms (DIY)...

Here it is! The long awaited "HOW TO" post for the paper poms from the "Baby Sprinkle".

OK, so I had been eyeing up similar poms on Etsy...for our baby/toddler room. Whimsical, fun, gender neutral...the perfect little accessory! However, I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger and purchase them.

There had to be an easy/cheap way to make these on my own!

Leave it to Martha!

I decided that the "Baby Sprinkle"  was hosting would be the perfect excuse to tackle the project.

I followed Martha's instructions, which you can find here. Of course I did a little tweaking, that I will explain below:

1)I used 36" wide paper, Martha suggests 30". (I cut it down to 32" for the smaller poms)

2)I used 11 sheets of tissue paper for each pom (including the small ones), Martha suggests 8.

3)I hung my poms with twine, I hate trying to hide something that is obviously there. Why not make it a part of the piece? Martha suggests using monofilament wire (transparent).

After the sprinkle I moved the poms to the baby/toddler room....they look even better! Who wouldn't love staring up at these whimsical flowers? Try some for yourself, share the pics!


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