Monday, August 16, 2010

Birth Photography...

What is Birth Photography? Well...quite simply, it's the art of capturing one the greatest moments of your life on film!

I LOVE pictures! I LOVE LOVE a good picture! I pretend to be able to take pictures, but really...I just happen to have cute kids and a handsome hubby.

Some may not feel comfortable sharing such an intimate experience with a stranger...For me, her being a stranger made it all the easier. There will be no awkward "day afters". Bonus, I have amazing photos of an amazing experience, that I now get to relive OVER and OVER again!

Our photographer, Kristi Abellar of gigglebug photography, made the experience easy.
She was just as excited as we were and super friendly. She is one of only 2 birth photographers in NJ and I am proud to say we were her first "birth".
I've asked her to "guest" this week and share with us a little of what she does and why she does it. She makes her debut tomorrow!

Here's a sampling of our "birth story", via a slide show Kristi put together of her faves from the day...

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  1. i loved this. pretty sure 1/3 of the pictures were of pushing, which pretty much somes up the delivery:) these memories are beeeautiful.


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