Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Beyond Birth Photography, what I offer part 1:

Well, I think that all of the followers of Tracey’s blog know by now that I definitely offer Birth Photography services. I was so lucky to literally stumble upon Tracey when I did, and that she would allow me to use her images to promote the concept of birth photography. Birth Photography is common in other areas of the country, but as far as I can tell most people in the Northeast have never even heard of it. I personally just assumed it wasn’t allowed when I had my own children, since I had never seen anyone adverstising it before. But, here I am, it is allowed, it does exist…so spread the word! I think it’s just fantastic. The moments and the emotions are just so real and authentic. They are truly once-in-a-lifetime moments. For more information you can visit a recent press release by following this link.

Beyond birth photography, I would say the most popular sessions I offer are lifestyle family sessions. I mentioned lifestyle photography yesterday, and that it is a more casual and authentic approach than what you might get from going to the “big name” department stores. Lifestyle sessions are very personalized, and perhaps one of the best things about them is that sessions usually include mom, dad, and siblings as well! It’s such a great opportunity to capture your family all together, having fun. How often do families have genuine pictures of EVERYONE? And not just the “smiley” pictures, but more candid ones as well. I know that I personally have zero. I’m always the one behind the camera, and so for the past three years I’ve been in about 5 photos or so. It truly is so sad, and it’s another reason why I feel that this style of photography is so important and unique.

The one reason I have not hired a photographer in the past is that custom photography can be quite expensive. It’s such a specialized service which involves travel time, talent, post-processing, and so on. It truly is something that families need to view as an investment. It’s an investment in personalized beautiful images, and products to showcase and preserve those images. I’m fairly positive that my pricing will increase in the future because there truly are HOURS of time involved in one session, but for remainder of 2010 I am offering some fantastic grand-opening specials which might be the perfect opportunity for some families to have the custom photography they have been putting off for so long!

Right now my lifestyle sessions are $200 plus tax and that includes the creative fee and digital copies of the photos with printing permission up to 5x7. Additionally, I am including a free 3x3” brag book (it’s intended for a woman’s purse) featuring images from the session. I don’t think you’ll find prices lower than that for on-location custom photography. Generally, I get about 30 “best” images from a session which would be passed along to you on the CD. Lifestyle sessions are held at your home, a park, or the beach. Backyards can be more than adequate for a session. They can be scheduled for newborns, babies, children, etc. You can have the focus be just on your children if that is what you prefer, but I usually like to get at least a few shots with the other family members as well, since interactions are at the heart of lifestyle photography.

If you live within 50 miles of 08753, I would encourage you to become a “friend” of my facebook page I am trying to break the “50” mark and everyone that “friends” me on the day I break the 50 mark (and lives within 50 miles of 08753) will receive  a session for $50!


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