Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Mister Baby" is HERE!

Announcing: Cooper Benjamin Willey
Born July 30, 2010
8:52 am
A healthy 8 lbs and 20 1/2"!

Name poll:
Well...it was brought to our attention that there was some "tampering" with the poll in favor of Lincoln. So...we may have cast a few votes in the final hours to favor Cooper.
Regardless, moments after his birth we checked the poll to find a TIE! Our fabulous photographer, Kristi Abellar of Gigglebug Photography, cast the final vote in favor of Cooper! (It being apparent that Cooper was our choice)
So...did "Cooper" really win? Probably not, but the poll did help us decide on a name...
and in my opinion...
it's a fabulous name!


  1. That is a super picture of Cooper. Will the grandparent's be getting one of those ;)

  2. Oh my Gosh! :) I feel like I just got called to "come on down" on the Price is Right! Woohooo!!

    Cooper "fits" him, he is SOOOO adorable!

  3. Congratulations! He is beautiful! You are living my dream of having four boys! :D


Thank you for the note!