Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby served some style...

How do you feed your baby?
I'm not asking spoon vs. spork OR bottle vs. nurse.
I'm asking Style vs. Drab...

I am "anti" serving on Tupperware. I'm also "anti" spending a fortune on baby things that will only be used for  a month or two.

Here are some of my favorite "Baby serving" bowls (psst-all of these bowls lead a double-life, I'll share with you their secret identities)

1) 4 oz. canning jars. Everyone loves a cute Mason Jar. I got these at Wegmans. They come with the traditional canning lids. The plastic screw tops are sold separately in packs of 8, also at Wegmans.(double-life = While I don't make all my own baby food...I do make some...these jars are perfect for storing.)
 2)Mini Latte Bowls from Anthro. Baby loves the colors, as do I. Makes feeding time an eye pleasing experience. My heart is happy every time I spoon out the applesauce.(double-life = dip bowls, great for salsa)

 3)Tulip Bowls from Pier 1...ions ago! The perfect size for mashing up that banana or fresh avocado. The fancy shape turns feeding baby into a "black tie affair". (double life - kid size ice cream bowls. Feel free to fill her up, it's just the right size for the kiddos)

4)The espresso mug (with or without saucer) from Anthro...ions ago. It just fun! (double life - espresso mug...duh)
5)I don't have these but I want them...Set of Three Baby Food Bowls By Tulane Road Pottery. Seriously cute & handmade. (double life - I would use them to hold band aids, cotton swabs, and q-tips in the kids bathroom)

So I ask again, What do you feed your baby with?


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