Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned, that while I make some of Baby's food, I do not make it all.
As the mother of 4 boys, I am learning to put my pride aside and accept various "conveniences" out there that make life slightly less hectic.
This is not being lazy, this is recognizing my limits.
If I can buy something that is just as good as what I can make...then I have that much more time to spend hugging my kids or getting a shower. :)
So, here's my baby food rule: AT HOME dining = Homemade. ON-THE-GO dining = Prepackaged.
Now, let me introduce you to...HAPPY BABY's, HAPPY FAMILY: (my #1 ON-THE-GO choice!)

First we have "Happy Baby" (for the beginning eater)
Next, "Happy Tot" (for the advanced baby to toddler)
Third, "Happy Bellies". A line of baby cereal's, from oatmeal to rice.
The products don't stop there:
I have found HAPPY BABY's Organic line to be a HIT!
  • The Pouch's are super convenient for "on the go". (serving accessory - BOON SPOON)
  • Both baby's and older kids love the tasty combinations!  (Bonus - perfect for sneaking in a vegetable serving or two)
  • All Organic
  • BPA free containers
  • Conveniently located at TARGET! (Everyone shops Target)
  • Super Cute design that stops the crowd (I have yet to be out and NOT asked "Where did you get that? What a great idea!")
  • Sunshine logo...c'mon this one speaks for itself
Don't you Love it?
I can not stress how much simpler this line of Baby Food has made my life. No stress or worrying about what I'm putting into his belly and not stress or worrying about making portable homemade food.
It's just nice to find something this easy.
Share your "on-the go" tricks for convenience!

psst-here's the Boon Spoon I was talking about...

It screws directly to the pouch! You just squeeze and go! Super Duper Convenient!

**Clarification-I do not do meat baby food. All meat that baby eats is pre-packaged...
at home OR on-the-go.** 


  1. This is my favorite baby food! The older kids ask for the "packets" as dessert...sooo good!

  2. My 2 year old drinks these & calls them smoothies :)


Thank you for the note!