Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping track of my "to do's"...

There is something about having a 4th child that has created in me a heightened level of forgetfulness!
(Perhaps it's also related to my "old age-ness"...NAH!)
I can not remember a thing. I say "yes" to appointments, play dates, and Bible Studies...then I forget.
What can I do?
-A pill? (I wish)
-An alarm on my phone for every single event I am planning on attending? (Ummm...maybe if there weren't an easy snooze option...chances are I'd be distracted and forget the alarm went of about 2 min. after the fact)
-My phone planner/calendar? (Not in my face enough)
-My husband? (I love him but, nope)
-Give up? (Not an option)
Starting to sound hopeless, eh? Well, fear not. I have found the solution...

(I know, I know...where do I come up with these amazing ideas)

Dilemma: Most Wall Calendar's are not cute.

Solution: 1 Desk Calendar (got mine at the Target Dollar spot...most are on sale now), A huge empty frame (paint as needed), Fancy ribbon, yarn, or simple hemp (I used Anthropologies yarn gift wrap), and a couple of paper clips or clothes pins. Assemble...

And..Presto! You now have an adorable, practical, solution to "I have children syndrome"; a.k.a. "old age" a.k.a. "short term memory loss".

Isn't it lovely?
I have it hanging directly across the powder room, staring me in the face every time I EXIT. 
An ever present reminder of what is on my agenda.


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