Thursday, February 24, 2011

The KidCo go-pod...

I love Baby accessories and Toys. My children have become my excuse to indulge in "cuteness".
From toys to decor...clothes to feeding...I am always searching to find items that have the "that's so Tracey" factor.

I don't want to hide all the toys and children's things because they "junk up the house".I'd much rather purchase toys that compliment the home. Toys that can be tucked here and there...that make you smile because they are beautiful.

BUT...there is no such doing with an excersaucer. It is unfortunate because the concept is great. A stationary, safe area for your child to play while building his leg muscles.
Great Concept!
So, why are they so obnoxiously intrusive?!
Short of a closed door, there is no hiding the presence of an excersaucer. They are big, gaudy, and often loud...not to mention pricey.
I could easily deal with "big" & "loud" if they could fix "gaudy".
If it HAS to be out all the time can someone please find a way to make it "blend in" a little better?
Needless to say, I have avoided the excersaucer. Until now...
  • Our youngest is just about 7 months old, weighing in at 21 lbs. The days of baby wearing are over.
  • He is the youngest of 4, so there are inevitably moments in every day that he must entertain himself.
  • Not yet crawling...he has gown bored of sitting on the floor or bouncing from the "door jam" in the hallway, all alone.
  • He wants to be on his feet...he wants to be in the room with everyone else...
Sigh...He wants an excersaucer. My life would be much easier with and excersaucer. Grrrrrrr!
Thus-the hunt, which led to-the discovery...drum roll please...
The solution to the "Excersaucer Dilema"...

It's cute: 3 different color options from muted to bold; compact in size, no gaudy attachments or themes.
It's portable: folds up in one piece and fits nicley in a handy travel bag (similar to a camping chair) You can take it to Grammy's or tuck it away when its not in use! However, it's so NOT intrusive you may find that you don't mind having it out all the time!
It's practical: There are loops to attach toys; a cup holder; a snack holder; an attachable floor mat to keep tootsies clean.
It's affordable: At BUY BUY Baby for only 50$'s!

Simple, practical, adorable...LOVE IT!

Go KidCo go-pod!


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