Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Alvin, the Cheery Chipmunk...

Our 2nd eldest, Armani, is in Pre-K @ the Littlest Angels School.
His class, the "Cheery Chipmunks", has a class pet..."Alvin". (too cute)
Today is Armani's turn to babysit Alvin.
He's been our house guest for 2 hours now and they've already: scootered, saved the children from a burning building, eaten lunch, scaled the tallest snow mountain around, watched a toon, and skate boarded.
Me thinks "Alvin" will sleep well tonight!

Have you or your children, had the fun privilege of caring for the class pet? Any adventures to share?

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  1. Alvin, is in good hands..Being Loved and his caretaker...Amani, you go to a real neat school...


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