Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. (DIY) ...

I love being the Mrs. to my Mr.
It is a title I wear with pride.
Not just because being a "Mrs." is great, but because my Mr. is SO great!

This simple art is hanging in our bedroom. I love it.
Want your own set?

All you need:
-Acrylic Paint
-2 frames
-2 canvas' to fit your frames or 2 pieces of fabric
-1 paint brush

I bet you can figure out the rest your self. :)
Another Idea: Important Dates (like a wedding anniversary or birthday) 02/07/2004

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  1. Finally figured out! had to go online to find ya...Great pic of Mr. & Mrs. Kids are cool! Looks like they were having allot of fun,.


Thank you for the note!