Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh "Joe"...

By now, you have ALL been to a Trader Joe's grocery store at some point.
Renowned for their organic goodness and unbeatable prices, they are a "hit" with moms of all circles.
So...I'm not gonna harp on the amazingly great taste of their product line and why you NEED to shop there.
I'm simply going to admire their beautifully simple packaging that makes my heart happy...
 Latte? Why yes, I'll take 2 please!
 I will be re-purposing this jar of Mustard for trinkets...one day.
Look at this can of Refried Beans...
When was the last time a "glimpse" at a can of refried beans put a smile on your face?
Now that's a Hidden Cupcake.
 Charmed...I'm sure...YUMMY!
Espresso Pillows?! How cute! Another re-purpose-able container...buttons perhaps?
Thank You Trader Joe's for that extra special touch...providing the mundane of everyday a "perfectly portioned does of fabulous".

~Want to see more Trader Joe's aesthetically pleasing delights? Visit their website here. It is darling!


  1. using tj's to fashion your home... cute. economical. brilliant. i will shop tj's with new eyes now :)

  2. Something you might see in a "Cracker Barrel"....Unique!


Thank you for the note!