Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unexpected Rainbow...

The Mr. is sick. Very sick.
His one request, some Gatorade.
Gladly dear!
Conveniently, Dunkin offers Gatorade for sick husbands and "Turbo Hots" for the wives of sick husbands.
My order : "4 Gatorades, any color..."

What a fabulous surprise! I didn't realize I had just ordered a Rainbow!
I couldn't fight the smile, or the urge to snap a picture. (Pretty sure the drive thru guy was confused)
Seriously, how perfectly spaced and cheerful are these simple bottles of Gatorade? (It almost seems you think he wanted to be on my blog?)

Thank you Babe for sending me out for Gatorade...the hidden rainbow I found, made my day.

And thank you did it again!

What "Hidden" delights have made you smile?


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