Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Boy Proof" Kitchen Chairs...

So...as you know I have 4 boys.
And you can safely assume they are messy eaters. (despite my valiant efforts to create little gentleman, this is not a refine school...)
Something else you know...I hate to compromise on style!

So...given what you now know about me and my 4 little men, I'll share with you my dilemma...

Kitchen Chairs.
I want: cute, durable, wipe-able, child friendly, bank account friendly Kitchen chairs.

The chairs I have now are cute and they were super bank account friendly (purchased at a yard sale for a total of $20), but they are NOT wipe-able, durable, or child friendly. My hubs might even argue that they're not safe.

It's not an easy fix. Chairs are pricey and boys are brutal on chairs! However...after much searching I think I have found the solution:

Ikea visitors chair - 19.99
Ikea dining bench 29.99

I'd like 3 each. To line either side of our amazing table (hand crafted by my father!). Then I'll revamp 2 of the yard sale chairs to sit at the ends.
I am really excited about the mixing of the modern and vintage feel.
I am even more excited about the durability and wipeablilty of these beauties.
I am MOST excited about the PRICE! (because no matter what I spend, no chairs are going to last a lifetime in this house.)



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