Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner & a Show (cheap rainy day fun)...

What do Little Brothers do while Big Brother is at school?
Better yet, What do mom's do with Little Brothers while Big Brother is at school?
Better still, What do mom's do on rainy days with Little Brothers while Big Brother is at school?

Here's one idea:
Dinner & a Show (a la' mom style)...
Admittance requirements...check!


Dress Code...check!

Happy Customer #1...check!

Happy Customer #2...check!

The How to:
  • Google image search: movie tickets, dollar bills, and "logo" from Featured Film
  • Decide what you will be serving for "dinner" (you could unwrap a lunchable and they'll be thrilled!)
  • Print Movie tickets
  • Print Dollar Bills (Cut and Paste a photo of your child onto the bill for extra creativity points...I literally cut with scissors and pasted with glue, the photos of my kids right onto the printed money)
  • Type up & Print the Menu (Be sure to include the Featured Film info)
  • Set the Dress code and let the kids have fun with it (no adult supervision allowed)
  • Set up eating area smack dab in front of the Big Screen. Dont be afraid to be creative...we had a drive-in once, set each boy up in a cardboard box car...super fun! 
  • Close your eyes to the mess and open your ears to the laughter...makes cleaning up much less of a chore once the "show" is over!


Thank you for the note!