Tuesday, March 29, 2011

D.I.Y. "Short Cut" Baby bib...

If you are a "short cut" sewer like myself...these Bibs are for you.
(straight lines not required)

1) Get your Bib materials/tools:
  • cotton fabric
  • chenille (you choose your style)
  • ribbon
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • crimping shears
  • pins/needles

2) Find a Bib you already love and trace it onto the cotton and chenille.
Cut out Bib (it's ok if they don't match up perfectly)
Cut 2 equal lenghts of coordinating ribbon

3) Pin ribbon to chenille side of bib. (be sure to leave some extra hanging down inside the bib, just incase)

4) Place cotton side (print facing out) on top of chenille side
(optional step: both sides together)
5) Now (gulp) sew the 2 sides together. It's up to you how far in you go with the hem.
  • sew a practice piece first to avoid wrinkles
  • sew as tight a stitch as possible (no elasticity)
  • do not fret about a straight line, do your best

6) All sewn up? YAY!
Now, trim with crimping shears! (As close to the hem as possible)

It will look like this...before washing...

Here's the finished product after washing!
I assure you...there are no straight lines on this bib!
Don't you just love that "raw" is in style?

Hand sewn with love for my little Coop.

**Insider tip - crimping shears can make many sewing projects "short cut" friendly.


  1. genius! so easy and cute. i think i'll try it to add to a shower gift basket : )

  2. That is adorable! I don't think I've ever seen chenille at the fabric store; where do you get it?


Thank you for the note!