Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest blog post...LaDy LaDuke

Courtney and Betina(sisters)~
LaDy LaDuke...Unique Items For Mothers and Women...

Betina and I always loved fashion and design, sharing a room, and playing dress up. Our Mom used to sew many of our clothes, as well as her own, and we would have a ball looking through her Vogue patterns. So, the design seed was always there.
Then we were out with our sister-in-law, who was trying to nurse in public, while walking, chasing her toddler, and tugging at the back of her shirt to keep covered, and thought, why don't we make something that really works for Moms! After research and prototypes, we
came up with our full coverage, mobile nursing cover invention…The Feeder Frock and later, The Nouveau Nursing Cover.

We started our own handmade business, because we knew we wanted to be completely unique, but to be able to cater to Moms with a variety of tastes and custom choices. We also wanted plus size options, and we knew that being handmade would give us the freedom to do that, and keep offering more. We wouldn't have to have that one style fits all minimum order submission to a manufacturer. The Handmade venues were able to offer those special niches to us. We started with our first shop on Etsy, and then opened our outlet on Artfire and another shop on Zibbet.  We now have over 25 Feeder Frock styles, plus just the "Front" cover version, Nouveau Nursing Covers in top, tunic, sun dress and maxi dress options, as well as accessories and nursery decor.

Our favorite item we are currently selling is The Little Artist Cover Up/Doll Carrier/Toy Carrier. (psst-this weeks giveaway prize!)
  We have both Boy and Girl versions either in mess-resistant rip stop nylon or cotton. They were inspired by our Pocket Feeder Frock nursing covers, with a front deep pocket to hold all of your Mom things.  It just made perfect sense for our little ones to carry all of their toys and dolls, plus they can protect their clothes from all of those messy art projects.  Betina says, her girls put them on every day, and load them up with all of their stuff, and they feel so pretty!

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  1. These are so cute!! I just received my feeder frock from Lady LaDuke! They have such neat ideas!

  2. @ Kayli -Woo hoo! Don't you just love it? They are just about pretty enough to use as a shirt!


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