Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Blog Post...Mommy LaDy Club

Betina and I just started our new personal blog, Mommy LaDy Club! Mommy LaDy Club is a club/group registry for everything related to moms, motherhood, and of course just being a woman. We want to find all of those little clubs out there, even if it's your group of girlfriends meeting in the park, or taking walks. We just featured a group of families in Anchorage, Alaska called Skedaddle, who get outdoors even in freezing weather to meet as a playgroup.
Mommy LaDy Club is our place to have some fun really, talking about fashion--with an entire page dedicated to shoes only(might do a lamp page too...addicted to lamps), romance--and finding all of the "Mr. Darcys" out there, Betina's hilarious son, who is our "Little Character", and hearing from all of the other little characters we know most families have.
We have Mommy Fitness and Mommy CEO too, to share finds, tips, ideas, activities or recipes, and to help each other take on our enormous daily tasks as mothers and women and wives, who have to pull off doing everything all of the time(right)!...and why not just celebrate it?!

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  1. RIGHT?! I could needlessly buy SO many! you have no idea how hard it was for me to choose just 2!


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