Tuesday, March 15, 2011


HAPPY BABY product for today:
Many of you have or will use infant rice/infant oatmeal as your Babies first introduction to solids.
HAPPYBELLIES is the ONLY baby cereal with probiotic immune support. It is also the only organic cereal with DHA.
Coop eats HAPPY BELLIES organic oatmeal every morning (as pictured above). He likes it best mixed with prune juice. (he does not get that from me) I also use the HAPPY BELLIES to thicken up some of my homemade purees if I over"blend".
Apparently Coop wants to eat his food not slurp it.
Love my boy.

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  1. This is the only brand I have ever used and I love it!! And so does Sammy! SO thankful there is good nutrition out there for our little ones!

  2. Completely agree with you! Happy Bellies is the only cereal my little guy has eaten and he loves it. Sure is easy to get sucked into the Happy Baby family when they make so many great products!

  3. We love happy baby foods, esp when my little norah would only eat with her own hands... it was a lifesaver!

  4. would love to start using happy baby brand foods! sadly, my hometown doesn't sell it so i have to stock up when we're visiting family three hours away.

  5. Love the Happy Baby brand! My twins Hadley and Cooper eat the oatmeal for breakfast every day too!


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