Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've shared my let's hear from the kids!

It's unanimous!
HAPPYMELTS organic yogurt snacks are my kids fave HAPPYBABY product, by far.
Mom likes them too, here's why:
  • They don't make a mess
  • They melt in your mouth...literally (making them safe for baby and fun for kiddos)
  • ALL the kids love them
  • I can munch on them too...guilt free!
What's not to love?'s yet another chance to enter for your chance at some HAPPYBABY  giveaway freebies!
To enter the give away:
For some more fun giveaway go HERE at PSMM!


  1. MY kids love the sqeeze puches. Btw..lizzy looked at the pix u posted and said i love bryce! Funny girl!

  2. You just reminded me to get some of these for my twins! They're about ready. Love Happy Baby and have been a fan on FB for a while :)


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