Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady LaDuke giveaway...

Yes, yes, yes! Lady LaDuke is sponsoring this week's give away!
But that's not all...
She's going to "guest" on Hidden Cupcakes as well, Tuesday thru Thursday. I'm so excited!

I have 2 Feeder Frock's from Lady LaDuke and I LOVE THEM!
I get nothing but compliments on them.
They are the perfect blend of beautiful meets practical (offering full back coverage)!
Wait, you didn't realize these were nursing covers?
Well, they are.
ALL of them.
Even the adroable, "I could wear that on a date" dress.(it's OK be amazed)

So here's the giveaway...

The Little Artist cover-up! Can you say "adorable"!

Entry is simple! Just comment below this post or any of the Lady LaDuke guest posts thru-out the week. Entry ends on Friday. Winner announced on Monday.
Good Luck!

~psst...Lady LaDuke is not just on Etsy. Find her here too:
Facebook (join the facebook page and get special offers)

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  1. I have one of her covers, and it is TERRIFIC!!
    The full back coverage is SOOOOO nice!!
    There is nothing like being stylish while feeding!

  2. could use this for my little men! Great looking covers!!

  3. Where were these when I had my kids...I mean really it has only been a few years??? So cute and so covered!!! Love the kids covers too. Jake and Lizzy would just love them!

  4. @southjerseymom - I guess you'll just have to have more kids!


Thank you for the note!