Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Day to enter HAPPYBABY giveaway

So...I had these grand plans for my "Last Chance to Enter HAPPYBABY giveaway" post. just didn't go as planned this morning. (something we can all relate to)

I ended up taking a spontaneous "breakfast on the playground trip".

Wouldn't ya know...HAPPYBABY to the rescue.
Coops typical oatmeal breakfast would not have traveled well...

HAPPYBABY in action. Nice.

One last thing:
I've shared before but I wanted to remind you that HAPPYBABY is hosting a video contest to kick off their new program HAPPYGENERATION.
Go Here to learn more about HAPPYGENERATION.
Go Here to learn more about the Video Contest. (psst-you could win a year's supply of HAPPYBABY products and more!)

Now...comment at the end of this post & Like HAPPYBABY on facebook or twitter...for your very last chance to enter the HAPPYBABY freebie giveaway!

*Go Here to PSMM for more giveaways and DIY's.


  1. Jake and lizzy have figured out that Happytots stuff is at Target so instead of asking for Starbucks munchies...nice because the happytots are healthier!

  2. Your kids are so adorable! I miss them! Cooper is getting so big!
    Also I can't believe that breakfast on the playground is spontaneous for you. I'd have to plan that two days in advance to make it work! You are super mom :)

  3. Love the pouches. They are a life saver but I've never tried the attachable spoon! Will have to try that!

  4. @'s a "BOON SPOON", got mine at Target, right next to the HAPPY BABY products! are very kind and very humble.


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