Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My collection...

It's no secret...I am a huge fan of using "letters" as part of decor.
Alphabets or initials.
Though...it doesn't stop there.
I also like, numerals and symbols.

Here's a peak at my collection:

I'm also a huge fan of  "sentimental decor"...so each letter/number/symbol has a story...(with the exception of the alphabets. Alphabets are simple fab kid decor)

Do you use "letters/numerals/symbols" in your decor?
Share! (You may give me a new inspiration!)


  1. I love the collection of letters on your mantel! Aside from an alphabet print, I don't have any letters incorporated into my own decor at the moment, but I do like the way they are incorporated in this nursery: http://tinyurl.com/6j82x45.

  2. @ Elle - OOh La La! Thanks for sharing! It's gorgeous!

  3. I love your house and your use of accessories!!!! I need you to decorate my place. I do have an initial on my mantel inspired by you..hehe

  4. everytime i visit your blog i leave with a large shopping list;) love the big letters!!! i need a g!


Thank you for the note!