Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Pretty Pantry...

My former kitchen pantry (like many pantries) was a closed door, cluttered, mess.
Things would enter the pantry and disappear. Accidentally/frightfully rediscovered years later.
Can you relate to my pantry woes?

The other problem with my kithcen isn't really in the kitchen.
It's in the breakfast area of the kitchen, which confused many into think it was a storage closet.

Shortly after moving in (3 years ago), I decided I wanted an Open Pantry.
There were but 2 obstacles to overcome:
  1. Convince the hubs it could be done tastefully and would remain organized. (this particular obstacle took almost 2 years to complete)
  2. Figure out a way to to do it tastefully and functionally. (this particular obstacle took about 2 days)
Upon comlpetion of obstacle 1, I took a day to scour the web and found: very little in the way of "beauty". plenty in the way of practical organizing tips.

Here are the results:
Allow me to point out:
  • The Extra Large Glass Jars filled with flour, sugar, and oats. (Air tight containers + pretty display)
  • The candy corner (the pop of color is just fun!)
  • The container variety (baskets, tins, jars...this adds dimension and goes with my "eclectic" style.)
  • The simply elegant curtains from Ikea (I have chosen white for all my drapery...they add height and grandeur without taking away from the room. Plus, white goes with everything.)
  • The hidden mess on the top shelf (not everything can be organized)
  • There isn't much that remains in it's original packaging. (1-it's tacky. 2-it doesn't usually keep the food well.) If it does remain in the original packaging it gets tucked away in one of the baskets or tins.
The hidden mess...
I am proud to annouce that;
  1. I love the results
  2. It has remained organized and "mess free" since its creation almost 1 year ago!
  3. I love the results!
  4. You too can have an Open Pantry...go for it! 
Where did I get my "supplies":
  1. Containers - Christmas Tree Shop
  2. Curtain Rod - Christmas Tree Shop
  3. Curtain - Ikea


  1. let me just say...I LOVE it! i just did a post a few weeks ago about organizing my pantry but it was just the before. i am still working on the after...thanks for this post! I feel a strong desire to head to the Christmas Tree Shop (I have only been there once):)

  2. WHAT?!? Only once?!? Get in the car and drive NOW!


Thank you for the note!