Monday, March 21, 2011

NYC for my fingers & toes...

I've decided to take the time every Saturday to paint my nails.
Something completely girly & desperately needed. (it's funny how a little polish can help you feel like a woman)
Only 1 problem...I may be able to squeeze in the time to paint the nails, but where will I find the time to let them dry COMPLETELY?
I present you with the solution to my problem: N.Y.C IN A NEW YORK MINUTE nails...
There are 3 HUGE selling points for this nail polish line:
1) It runs around $1.00 (depending on where you shop)
2) It drys COMPLETELY in 60 seconds (SERIOUSLY!)
3) Each color is named after a place in NYC (I just purchased: Times Square, Park Ave, & Canal Street) so fun. this nail polish as good a quality as some other brands? Probably not.  
Still, my fingers & toes are happy to be dressed up pretty. Because let's face it, I have yet to meet a nail polish that didn't chip after the 2nd run at washing dishes & I'm only committing to a paint job on Saturdays.

Do you have a fave nail polish you'd like to share? Any quick drying ones?


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