Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stylin' Simple Solve ITS: Feed Me Station...

Stylin' Simple Solve ITS #2: Feed Me Station.

  • Forgot the bib
  • Forgot the spoon
  • Forgot to tell babysitter where the bib and spoon are
  • MESSY BABY because babysitter didn't know where the bibs and spoons were.
Maybe this hasn't happened to you but...MORE THAN ONCE...I've come home to a food covered baby, because someone couldn't find a bib or spoon.
I get it. Babies fussing...just feed him, clothes can be washed. (I've had my own lazy moments and I know where the bibs and spoons are) 
But still...I'd rather he be fed and not covered in food.

So, the "Feed Me Station" .

Hang a shelf, get a cute container...
SPOONS, right by the high chair!
Practical & Cute. (both from Home Goods)

Now, add a couple cute hooks...
BIBS! Right by the high chair!
Practical & Cute. (Anthro to the rescue)
It actually adds to the decor in my home! BONUS!

Not a fan of hooks & shelves? Here are some alternative suggestions:
Whatever it is, keep it by the high chair. Then you don't have to worry about running to get the bib or spoon while poor baby fusses/screams!

What easy peasy Baby Feeding suggestions do you have?


  1. Oh my word Tracey...your mind does not work like mine. Genius! What great ideas...and they don't look cheesy;)

  2. How clever!! I wish I would have thought of something like this when my kids were babies. For some reason our spoons constantly disappeared.

  3. So smart. We're only a few months from a messy baby joining our table, so I need to set up something like this. Thanks for the great idea!


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