Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tadpole Creations...

I am loving these great dolls from Tadpole Creations:
One small Gnome dolls (gender neutral...)...

Mermaid Cloth Doll (not so gender neutral...)
There is SO much more in the store...you HAVE to check it out.
DIY iron on patches (I heart the toad stools)
Modern Bunny  (I'll take a bib for Coop)
Purses & Accessories (umm...w hale pocket purse please...for binky's)

Go HERE to see more from Tadpole Creations.

p.s.-they're based in Philly. local, local, local...LOVE IT!


  1. seriously love these...thinking easter gift for Lizzy!!!

  2. @southjersey mom - I'm think easter for ME! (I want a mermaid)


Thank you for the note!