Monday, March 7, 2011

A year abroad...

So, one of my favorite bloggers, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom up & moved to France (for a year) with her hubby and 5 children!
Why? Because they wanted to!
I envy their sense of adventure and inner-freedom!
Admittedly, I am kinda jealous...what fun.
Admittedly, I am kinda glad its not an option...for surely my fear of the unknown would force me to turn down the amazing opportunity.

Here is the beginning of their "Move to France" adventure... (click the pic) sure to read through her blog for more vicarious living in France.

What crazy adventures fill your daydreams? (A move abroad just jumped to the top of my daydream list)

ps-her sister, Jordan Ferney (another great blogger) moved with them!Click here for her family's story.

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  1. sounds silly but i would like to move to the country, live in a big white farmhouse, keep a HUGE garden, own a cow and chickens, and open my home up to people near and far to sit around the table with them for hours, talking and eating good food. or i would like to move to a cooperative living farm where we all just live together.


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