Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zulily don't miss faves...

The Zulily giveaway is over but you have to catch these deals!
They end 3/25 6pm pdt

Knitoes & Co...

Melissa & Doug...

See?! Great deals!
(I just can't keep a great deal to myself)
What have you found on Zulily?


  1. i just got brooke an amazing watermelon bathing suit that is for sure going to make summer that much better and two outfits. i have to stop myself...i really can't even go on zulily too much cause i LOVE everything;)

  2. I was checking out that stuff I really have to pick can't I just get one of everything??? Jeff says NO! haha Great prices on the M&D stuff!!!

  3. Jess-even I have more self control than that (wink wink)


Thank you for the note!