Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Confetti Streamers (DIY)

Easter Decor...take 1!

Inspired by some Anthro gift wrap 2 years ago...
I decided to "create" some whimsical streamers to enhance our "EASTER FEASTer" celebrations this weekend!
(Any excuse to make something new for a party)

I give you...Confetti Streamers...

Simple and budget friendly.
Here are the DIY instructions...

You will need:
Large quilting needle

You'll also need:
Tissue paper (or thin felt)
Large Paper Punch (circle)

Step 1) Punch out a TON of tissue paper circles...you can never have too many.

Step 2) Cut ribbon to desired streamer length and begin threading "double ply" circles. (tip: A single circle isn't strong enough, double circles are just right, triple circles are a waste of paper) 

 Step 3) Continue threading circles until you have reached desired effect. (tip: instead of one complete row of circles...have groupings...saves some time)

Here are the finished results.
(I like it...though I didn't end up using it where I had originally planned. )


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  1. Your blog is so fun. LOVE this streamer. Pretty! Very creative!


Thank you for the note!