Monday, April 11, 2011

"cute" giveaway...

Here it is!
This weeks giveaway...
$30 gift"code" to cute tape!

Another easy peasy entry. Just comment below telling us what you would use your $30 gift "code" for!

I fell in love with cute tape recently after seeing it featured on the front page of Etsy.
Wasn't long before I was on the homepage drooling...
Masking Tape:

 (This one is's my fave!)

Bakers Twine: (love love this!)
and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrapping packages just got very exciting!!!

Now that you love it...what would you spend your $30 on?
Comment below and be entered in the giveaway! "code" will be applied to total amount...including shipping.  

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  1. stamp supplies! i'm so addicted to stamping anything and everything : )

  2. okay loving the stamps and notecards!


Thank you for the note!